Art of Nursing Care, Inc.
Art of Nursing Care, Inc.

Who am I and what is my passion? To support pregnancy and family life.

Additional Information

Registered Nurse and Certified Professional Midwife. Currently attending a program to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.  We have one of the best midwifery and doula services in Los Angeles. Our staff is highly skilled and provides the greatest level of midwifery care to pregnant people during their childbirth experience.

Amy is a mother to an awesome young man who survived brain cancer and chemo- therapy in his teen years. She earned her Midwifery license from the California Medical Board in 2009 and started her Midwife practice. Amy has worked with pregnant mothers and newborn babies in the area of obstetrics since 1990. She has worked as a Registered Nurse in clinics, hospital settings, and in home health, mostly with women, babies and pregnancy. During her work as a Nurse she attended many thousands of child births both in and out of the hospital. She has also worked with clients as a Doula/Monitrice, childbirth educator. Amy’s path to midwifery care included an apprenticeship in a busy home birth practice in Los Angeles, CA. Amy’s apprenticeship included attending families beginning with prenatal care through childbirth and postpartum care. Her extensive previous clinic, home health-care for high risk obstetrics, newborn care and birth related experiences allowed her to progress faster than usual through her apprenticeship. In addition to her hands on apprenticeship experience, Amy completed her Midwifery education thru many years of self guided education and the PEP (portfolio evaluation process) through The National Registry of Midwives (NARM) and the National Midwifery Institute’s (NMI) Challenge process. Amy currently teaches Nursing and Midwifery students from a variety of Nursing and Midwifery programs as well as other care providers, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise in a non challenging way. She has also participated in international education as well traveling to China in 2/2012 to teach Advanced Midwife skills. Amy’s experience as a care provider for women combined with her love for the beauty and sacredness of child birth makes her a uniquely intuitive and confident care provider and good midwife.

As the owner of Art of Nursing Care Inc., which she started in 2006, she initially intended to open a home health care agency for pregnant women with complications. Since that time she expanded her education to become a midwife and now includes support for people of all ages including the childbearing years, before and beyond.  She has a background in clinical homeopathy, herbal remedies and essential oil applications. Currently attending West coast University and accepted to the Family Nurse Practitioner program to graduate in 2021. Currently she is seeing clients who are planning for a community birth or who want hospital support and postpartum or newborn care at home thereafter.